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About Us is the website of private land investor Adam Harrison. He first got interested in real estate as a teenager and then learned, not only about land but house and apartment building investing. After a long course of study, he decided to settle on land investing and started his land investing business in 2013.

Since that time, he and his team have literally carried out hundreds of real estate transactions and in the process helping people achieve their dream of property ownership.



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Our story

As a teenager, Adam Harrison became intrigued with real estate investing when by chance, he met a real estate investor at a restaurant and she told him a bit about the subject. He studied it a bit and then years passed and life got in the way. Some years later, he continued his investing journey and started studying all facets of investing. In 2010 he first heard about land investing, and began studying it and other 

real estate niches. He spent countless hours and spoke to countless other real estate investors. Finally in January of 2013, he decided to get started and become a real real estate investor and really push this and do this. And from that time, conquering barrier after barrier, he and his team have managed to succeed in this space and since that time, have carried out hundreds of real estate transactions.

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